Dec 16 Webinar: Northern Impact Assessments

Please join us for an online event featuring a trio of talks on impact assessment in Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 (11:30am Pacific Time, 12:30pm Mountain Time)

Ensuring Nunavut Developments Respect Inuit Knowledge, Customs and Rights

Speaker: Ryan Barry, Former Executive Director of the Nunavut Impact Review Board

Examining how community participation in Nunavut’s impact assessment process has improved social acceptance for development and regulatory oversight.

Lessons From the First First Strategic Environmental Assessment in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Speaker: Heather Rasmussen, Senior Policy Advisor, Nunavut Impact Review Board

Lessons from the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s first Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which emphasized transparency, public participation, and utilization of both scientific information and local indigenous knowledge.

Assessing Impacts on Indigenous Well-Being and Way of Life

Speaker: Mark Cliffe-Phillipe, Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board

The impact assessment process in the Northwest Territories is a holistic approach rooted in indigenous values and ways of knowing and this talk gives practical examples from recent IA's.

The 1.5-hour-long webinar will begin at 11:30 am Pacific time, 12:30 pm Mountain time, on Weds. December 16, 2020. 

There is no cost for the event, but you must register to receive the webinar link (to be provided prior to the event). Non-members have the option for a small donation to support our organization. REGISTER AT:

Questions, please email: [email protected]