Presentations from Future of Pipelines Pubinar Series (Fall 2018)

IAIA-WNC held a successful series of talks around the theme of The Future of Pipelines. In Canada over the last few years, there has been much discussion and controversy around the contentious issue of hydrocarbon pipelines. The matter involves all levels of government, First Nations, community organizations, NGOs, and other stakeholders. The pubinar series delved into the environmental, social, economic, and regulatory issues that make pipelines such a controversial topic in Canada and around the world.

Below are links to each of the presenters' presentations, where available.

October 9, 2018 – Jason Smith
Topic: Environmental Assessment: In Search of the Right Level of Detail at the Right Stage of the Game

Indigenous groups, regulators, landowners, and other stakeholders crave detailed information at the early onset of a Project. Meanwhile, proponents require time to gather the information and seek feedback from the various groups, and their teams, to build their project concept. The sequencing and timing of gathering the environmental information has varied over the years for pipeline projects especially as the level of public engagement has increased. The cost for upfront environmental assessment and studies in Canada has only grown, while project certainty has waned, and legal challenges have increased. This presentation will explore the different considerations proponents need to evaluate prior to conducting environmental assessments and surveys, including the level of detail required, and how to anticipate what concerns that interested parties might have while still advancing the project. The diversity of concerns has grown and now pipeline proponents are faced with the challenges of addressing these concerns in a timely manner. Lessons learned on recent pipeline projects in Canada will expose how these different approaches can address a new vision for impact assessment in Canada.

Presentation not yet available.

November 13, 2018 – Marla Orenstein
Topic: Pipelines and the regulatory process – win, lose or draw?

This talk will focus on how the federal regulatory process has handled pipeline approvals under CEAA 2012.

First up: a review of all projects—pipeline and others--that have applied for approval under CEAA 2012. What was the likelihood of a successful project application for different project types? What were the issues that were found to be significant? How long did project applications take, on average? And have approval patterns been changing over time? The first part of this talk will present results of a Canada West Foundation project that examined these questions.

And second: a discussion on the difference between impact assessment and the project approval process, and why it matters.

Download Presentation: Orenstein presentation

December 11, 2018 - Brenda Kenny
Topic: The Context - Global Energy and Climate and Canada's Place in That

Highlights of the past 10 years - major events and trends that have deeply shaped our current context related to the Theme.

Where we are on risk issues, regulatory reform (comments from the NEB Modernization Panel on which Brenda served, including UNDRIP and C-69).

Personal perspectives on the way forward.

Download Presentation: Kenney presentation