ConocoPhillips Canada will host a remote audience in Calgary for this talk. Please proceed to the reception on the 21st floor of Bow Valley Square Tower 4 (near Redwater Grill) to check-in.  The meeting will be in room 933.  Timing is 12:00 MST.  
The NWT chapter of the International Association for Impact Assessment (Western and Northern Canada Affiliate) is pleased to announce the next speaker in our brown bag lunch seminar series:
12:00-1:30 Mountain time, November 8th
Todd M. Paget will present on:
Modern Fracture Stimulation & Extraction of Unconventional Oil & Gas Resources:
Understanding the past and present enables decisions for the future
This will include the following subjects:
•       Conventional Oil and Gas
•       Unconventional Oil and Gas
•       Conventional vs Unconventional
•       Historical Fracture stimulation
•       Modern Fracture Stimulation
•       Distinction: past and present
•       Hydraulic Fracturing (‘fracking’)
•       Multi-stage Horizontal Fracturing
•       Environmental Considerations
•       Future NT Unconventional Potential
•       NT: Then, now, future considerations
Todd M. Paget. P. Eng. is an  Environmental Systems Engineer, and a member of the Northwest Territories Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG). He currently works as an Industrial Specialist – Oil & Gas, with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR), Environment Division.
Mr. Paget has 12 years of direct north of 60 experience in environmental management of industrial and municipal undertakings and operations in Canada’s subarctic and arctic regions with Environment Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and the GNWT’s Environment and Natural Resources (ENR). His work has primarily focused around on and offshore fuel transport, storage and spill contingency planning response and preparedness, industrial waste and hazardous materials management, contaminant assessment, management, and modes of transport and prevention through: regulatory reviews, environmental assessment and environmental impact assessments, evidence/intervention preparation and presentation, the review and development of Northern Best Practices, codes of practice, standards, regulations and guidelines, review and assessment of reporting and tracking programs and systems, and expert technical advice to enforcement and related policy requirements toward federal and territorial environmental protection regulatory and enforcement activities. Todd is also an appointed representative on Transport Canada’s Arctic Regional Advisory Council (A-RAC).
This talk will be held at 12:00 -1:30 pm Mountain Time in the Review Board boardroom (located on the 2nd floor of the Scotiacentre in Yellowknife).
Remote audiences are welcome!   Please contact your local IAIA WNC representative for details on the remote audience in your province or territory.