Amendments to the Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act


Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff today announced the proclamation The Environmental Assessment Amendment Act, 2010.

The purpose of the Act is to ensure that economic development proceeds with adequate environmental safeguards to
protect the environment and maintain public health. The amendments were made to align with the government's move to a results-based regulatory model, and to update and improve the environmental process.

The amendments support the government's growth plan by increasing legal certainty for project developers, promoting
greater efficiencies in the environmental assessment process, and modernizing offence and penalty provisions.
"These changes will benefit the growing economy of Saskatchewan by streamlining environmental assessment processes, while providing enhanced environmental protection to maintain the quality of life for Saskatchewan residents," Cheveldayoff said. "Reducing red tape and barriers to growth by providing more regulatory certainty for industry, using science-based decision-making and creating more consistent and transparent processes will help to ensure Saskatchewan is a good place to do business."
The amendments and new processes will enhance the current legislative model and the delivery of results-based
environmental regulation. A Ministerial Determination, which empowers the Minister of Environment to legally determine whether a proposed project is a development, provides more certainty to the proponent. Previously, a proponent would receive only an opinion.
To enhance environmental protection, financial penalties for non-compliance have been substantially increased, and
potential for incarceration has been included as a strong deterrent. The Act also clarifies the courts' power to order repair or restoration of environmental damage.

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