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Conference theme and objectives The conference theme embraces the impact of current global change now and in the coming decades and how impact assessment (IA) itself will evolve as a result. The “next generation” refers to both a new genera- tion of practitioners and new approaches to IA practice internationally to address issues of global

Preliminary Program and Registration Materials

Preliminary program and registration materials Call for papers and posters Submission deadline: 31 December2012   What did delegates say was the best aspect of IAIA12? “Exposure to international experiences.” “Information for starting some work in an area which is not my field.” “A one-of-a-kind experience that was an excellent platform to present my work, meet

Presentation on Modern Fracture Stimulation

Modern Fracture Stimulation & Extraction of Unconventional Oil & Gas Resources: Understanding the past and present enables decisions for the future         Includes the following subjects: Conventional Oil and Gas Unconventional Oil and Gas  Conventional vs Unconventional Historical Fracture stimulation  Modern Fracture Stimulation Distinction: past and present Hydraulic Fracturing (‘fracking’)  Multi-stage Horizontal

Amendments to the Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act

NEWS RELEASE – NOVEMBER 7, 2012 Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff today announced the proclamation The Environmental Assessment Amendment Act, 2010. The purpose of the Act is to ensure that economic development proceeds with adequate environmental safeguards to protect the environment and maintain public health. The amendments were made to align with the government’s move to