Clean Energy BC: Science and EIA Short Course October 30th

Clean Energy BC is organizing a one-day workshop focusing on science and EIA during the Generate 2012 conference (October 30th, 2012).  The workshop has two objectives:
To generate a platform for the discussion and dissemination of ideas to further improve EIA and science practice in BC clean energy project approvals and operations.
To provide a networking and engagement opportunity for regulators, consultants and developers who are specifically interested in EIA and science.
Speakers include:
·         Lisa Walls (CEAA) Changes to the Canadian Env. Assessment Act and implications to BC projects.
·         Sue Farlinger (DFO) Recent changes to the Fisheries Act - implications to BC projects.
·         (Invited) (EAO) Province of BC response to federal EA changes, and update on procedures
·         Nick Crisp (MoFLNRO) Peace Northern Caribou Plan, progress and implications
·         Jeff Hoyt (MoE) Province of BC Environmental Mitigation and Offsetting policy – update and pilot
·         Alan Lidstrom (MoE) Province of BC cumulative FX procedures and update on pilot program
Panel – Clean Energy Project EA reviews – the current situation, challenges and future outlook
Moderator Celesa Horvath, plus Colleen Giroux-Schmidt (Innergex), Melissa Holland (BC Hydro)
·         Lee Failing (Compass) – Structured decision-making processes, better EA decision tools?
·         Brian Paterson (Hemmera) – Northeast BC wind turbine effects on bats.
·         Marc d'Entremont          (LGL).
·         Ed Quilty          (Aquatic Infomatics) – multi-gigabyte data management.
·         Cory Bettles      (SNC) – fish genetics evaluations for Clean Energy Projects.
·         Dorian Turner    (EcoFish) – fish habitat modelling for Clean Energy Projects.
Rates to register are: $199 for CEBC members and $249 for non members.
Thank you kindly!
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