IAIA 2013 Calgary

Conference Theme

The conference theme embraces the impact of current global change now and in the coming decades and how impact assessment (IA) itself will evolve as a result. The “next generation” re- fers to both a new generation of practitioners and new approaches to IA practice internation- ally to address issues of global concern. The next few decades are seen as a nexus of environ- mental effects to the global commons (e.g., climate change, biodiversity, soil degradation and loss, ocean productivity, loss of aboriginal cultures) coupled with increased urban, human and economic development. These global changes have profound implications to the trajectory of IA and of nations. You, as a participant in this conference, need to be part of this new future.

The theme focuses on emerging trends in IA while encouraging and motivating the participation of the next generation of practitioners. It has a wide appeal to those in many countries and sectors, such as resource extraction, and is broad enough to encompass many current sub-themes of interest to a range of IA practitioners, new and old.

The following three thematic streams reflect possible session topics. Examples of focused topics within each theme are provided.

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